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Top 10 Free Internet Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Santa Monica

Best Wi-Fi hot spots in Santa Monica that only the locals know about

These are the places you can get free and easy Internet Wi-Fi access in Santa Monica. This site gives you the low down on how to get online and get your work done. We pull back the curtain to expose the best Wi-Fi hot spots to help you get connected in Santa Monica.

  • Santa Monica City Free Wi-Fi Map Click here to see the Santa Monica City Wi-Fi Map

    City of Santa Monica

    Network: City Wi-Fi
    City of Santa Monica is offering free Wi-Fi in their parks, City Hall, libraries, and public buildings. Only Port 80 is available so only web-based email access is available and no FTP and many exotic Internet apps may not work. The hours of operations are from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Golden Mean Vegan Café

    1028 Wilshire Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Network: Golden Mean
    The Golden Mean is a Vegan only café that fits in well with Santa Monica's green, healthy and liberal leaning. Soothing music, well lit and relaxing make this a great place to bring you laptop and hook up with their free Wi-Fi. Customers rave about the "Lean Mean" Veggie Burger with the works and the Coconut Cake. There is also seating upstairs and this place is open late.
  • Unurban The Unurban is an Artsy and funky place to hook up for you Wi-Fi needs


    3301 Pico Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: UnurbanLovesYou
    You would think you are in a beatnik coffee house from the 1950s if it weren't for the laptop computers at the Unurban. This casual laid back café is an easy place to work with their shabby chic eclectic furniture and delicious lattes. There is also entertainment with open mic poetry Wednesday night, comedy Thursday nights and Music Friday nights. Easy free Wi-Fi Internet access.
  • Café Bolivar

    1741 Ocean Park Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: bolivar
    This coffee house has a light and airy feel with friendly service. There is a rotating art show displayed on the wall. Very friendly staff and they serve salads soup and sandwiches. A lot of locals hang out here. Café Bolivar is closed on Sunday. Just ask for the pass code at the counter gets you connected to the free Wi-Fi.
  • Santa Monica Place Mall Food Court You can almost always find a place to sit at the Santa Monica Place Food Court

    Santa Monica Place Mall

    395 Santa Monica Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Network: ShopSantaMonicaPlace
    You can get free Wi-Fi Internet access at the beautifully remodeled Santa Monica Place Mall. The mall now is open and full of high-end shops. The food court on the third level has lots of indoor and outdoor seating. There are plenty of places for getting something tasty to eat and even get a beer or a glass of wine. And you even have a view of the ocean.
  • Apple Store at The Third Street Promenade

    1248 Third Street Promenade
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Network: Apple Airport
    We need to include the Apple Store with the bigger impact the Mac now has due in large part from the disastrous Vista OS. Bring your laptop and sit in the classroom seating and work away. The Apple Store has fast Internet access. Got a PC? So what, I'm sure you have heard all the banter from the Mac Heads already. Tell them you are seeing the light and you are taking it all in at the Apple Store.
  • Novel Cafe on Main Street The Main Street Novel Café has lots of tables for hanging out or getting connected up with their Wi-Fi

    Novel Café

    2507 Main Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: Novel-Cafe
    This is a popular café for morning breakfast. There is lots of seating as well as casual living room furniture off to the side with large oil paintings decorating the walls. Mostly a breakfast and lunch place, it closes around 8:30PM. A very comfortable place to bring your laptop and hook up to their Wi-Fi.
  • Starbucks

    Network: attwifi
    Starbucks is now the defacto place to hook up your laptop and sip your same coffee drink for hours. Gone are the days when you needed a $30.00 a month subscription to AT&T now that Starbuck's corporate policy has decreed free Wi-Fi. However, if you're not using the latest model MacBook Pro, some there may think of you as un-cool. This is Starbucks in Santa Monica after all.
    • 308 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica (Barnes and Noble)
    • 1356 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica
    • 701 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica (7th Street and Montana)
    • 1426 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica (15th & Montana)
    • 2671 Main Street, Santa Monica
    • 2525 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica (26th Street & Wilshire)
    • 2200 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica (Colorado & Cloverfield)
    • 2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica
    • 2461-A Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica
    • 3110 Main Street, Santa Monica (Main & Navy)
    • 3020 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica (Lincoln & Marine)
  • Coffee Bean & Tee Leaf

    2901 Main Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: CoffeeBeanWiFi
    If I'm going to list Starbucks, I will need to list the Coffee Bean too. After all, the Coffee Bean is to Starbucks as Knott's Berry Farm is to Disneyland or as the Rolling Stones are to the Beatles. There's nothing wrong with the Coffee Bean, it's just referred to as the little brother. To get the Wi-Fi pass code, look around and find the Ripple TV and look for the five numbers in the lower right corner.
    • 829 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica
    • 2901 Main Street, Santa Monica
    • 1312 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
  • 212 Pier

    212 Pier Ave
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: gis
    This coffee house is reminiscent of the bohemian hangouts of yesteryear. It's a holdout against the over populated corporate coffee shops that dot Santa Monica. Even if you're not an artist/poet/musician, you will definitely feel like one when you connect up here with their free Wi-Fi Internet hot spot access.

We Can't Stop at Ten so Here are More Santa Monica Wi-Fi Hot Spots

  • Bergamot Café

    2525 Michigan Avenue #A3
    Santa Monica, CA 9040
    Network: Bergamot Cafe
    Right in the middle of the Bergamot Station Galleries there is great little café with free Wi-Fi. Local artists and art lovers gravitate to this place. Some of the favorite menu items are Pesto Chicken, Veggie Melt and the Turkey Loaf. This hidden café in this hidden art gallery is a wonderful place to spend a day. The Bergamot CafĂ© has great friendly service. Mostly outside seating and are open just during the day and closed on Sundays. You will need to ask for the pass code at the counter
  • Denny's Restaurants

    1560 Lincoln Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 9040
    Network: Dennys_Wireless
    I was not much of a fan of Denny's until they got a free Wi-Fi hot spot and added the Ultimate Breakfast Skillet to the menu. You can hang-out and have several coffee refills and get some serous screen time on your laptop.
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea

    If Starbucks and the Coffee Bean are the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Peet's Coffee must be the Monkeys. Perhaps not, but I was trying to work with the anthology. Peet's is actually a cool place to hang out and get Internet access for your laptop.
    • 1401 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica
    • 2439 Main Street, Santa Monica
  • Enterprise Fish Company

    174 Kinney Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: EFCSM-Public
    Another great restaurant with Wi-Fi Internet access. There is a terrific Happy Hour at the Enterprise Fish Company and you can use your laptop at the bar. But you will appear a little out of place with the happy Happy Hour crowd enjoying themselves. You will need to ask them for the pass code.
  • Loews Hotel

    1700 Ocean Avenue
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Network: loews_lobby
    This a grand place to get connecting to the Internet. The Loews Hotel is one of the many luxury Santa Monica Beach Hotels. There is five-story atrium lobby with views of the ocean and Santa Monica Pier. After you connect to the Wi-Fi Internet hot spot, you can hangout at the bar, which has a great Happy Hour
  • 17th Street Café & Bakery

    1610 Montana Avenue
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    Network: 17streetcafe
    This is an upscale bakery and café on Montana Avenue with free Internet access. The walls are covered with a rotating art show. They have a refined and chic ambiance with a delectable lunch and breakfast menu. The 17th Street Café is open in the evening as well. To get the best Wi-Fi reception you will need to sit towards the back of the café. The pass code can be obtained from your server.
  • Barney's Beanery Bar Lot of TVs at the bat at Barney's Beanery"

    Barney's Beanery

    1351 3rd Street Promenade
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Network: Barney's Beanery
    The original Barney's Beanery was first opened in West Hollywood in 1920. During the Great Depression, customers would trade their car license plates for food. This beanery is not quite as old but it seams that it has been here in Santa Monica forever. There is also a popular Happy Hour at Barney's Beanery. To get the best Wi-Fi access you will need to into the depths of Barney's in the dark lower section. However, it is illuminated by the many televisions that surround the place.
  • Kafe K

    2209 Main Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: KAFE K
    For customers of the cool and trendy Kafe K, there is free Wi-Fi access. Food here is on the healthy side and has colorful deco with hip music. You will need to get a pass code after you make your purchase
  • Funnel Mill Rare Coffee and Tea

    930 Broadway Street, Suite A
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Network: Funnel Mill
    The Funnel Mill offers custom made coffee and teas for their discriminating customers. They use sophisticated coffee machines and syphones that create precise and unique drinks. The atmosphere is tranquil and pleasing with large oil paintings and hanging drapes to separate seating areas. No cell phone use is allowed at the Funnel Mill. There are large open spaces with eclectic furniture. You will need to get the pass code from the counter to connect to the Wi-Fi hot spot.
  • The Novel Café

    2901 Ocean Park Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: Novel Cafe Ocean Park
    This is smaller than the Novel Café on Main Street. This popular café is a favorite with the locals. More people tend to eat here rather than use their laptops.
  • Bagel Nosh Deli

    1629 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    Network: begelnosh
    The Bagel Nosh provides free Wi-Fi access Monday through Friday until they close mid-afternoon. They have wide range of bagels to choose from and offer breakfast specials. They offer lots of seating with small tables that are perfect for Laptops.
  • Infuzion Café

    1149 3rd St # 100
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    Network: coffeenet
    The Infuzion Café is just a half block away from the Third Street Promenade. It is a small and cozy café that sells a wide variety of snacks, coffee drinks and tea with artwork adorning the walls. It's easy to hook up with the free Wi-Fi Internet access. There is also a complementary computer that customers can use if you did not bring your laptop.
  • Panini Garden

    2715 Main Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    The Panini Garden is Main Street in Santa Monica and is a charming narrow space with eclectic décor. The This place started selling pressed sandwiches in 1998 and also serves large European salads and crepes. The peaceful garden in the back is the best part of the place. On a nice day this is an ideal place to take out your laptop.
  • Monsoon Cafe

    Monsoon Cafe

    1212 3rd Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Network: Monsoon
    This is a hip Pan-Asian restaurant with an exotic tropical décor. With a great Happy Hour, you can bring your laptop and get to work. However, there aren't many people on their computers here. Most everyone is enjoying this fine restaurant and bar. You will need to ask them for the pass code to connect with their Wi-Fi hot spot.
  • iHop at the Best Western Gateway Hotel

    1920 Santa Monica Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
    If you can handle the House of Pancakes, you can set up shop here. Easy parking underneath the hotel. They have large tables and endless coffee until they ask you to leave. Easy access to the free Wi-Fi Internet access.
  • Library Alehouse

    2911 Main Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: 4LBR2
    The Library Alehouse is a local hang in the heart of Main Street in Santa Monica. The Alehouse is a narrow building with a casual atmosphere. There are 27 beers on tap and there is a lively crowd. This place is more conducive for socializing rather than getting into deep thought with your laptop.
  • Cock n Bull

    Cock n' Bull Pub

    2947 Lincoln Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: Cock n Bull
    The Cock n' Bull is an old time, very British Pub that makes yolu feel you are in merry old England. British beers are on tap and they serve a wide range on English style food such as Fish N' Chips, Dangers Mash and Pork Chops with Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes. This is not the kind of place you'd think of to work on your computer. You will need to ask the bartender for the pass code. The Cock n' Bull was rated as the top 5 soccer bars by GQ Magazine and top 6 soccer bar by Sports Illustrated.
  • Flying Saucers Caffeine and Art

    306 Pico Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Network: Flying Saucers
    The Flying Saucers is on busy Pico Boulevard and is a small and narrow coffee house with a few tables, a counter and a couch. Colorful artwork is hung on the raw brick wall with Sixties folk music playing in the background. There is even a record player displayed proudly on the counter. There is a very laid back atmosphere here and you can get some work done if you happen to be in the area and if you make yourself comfortable in the unorthodox seating. Closes around five. You will need to get the pass code at the counter to connect to the Wi-Fi hot spot.