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  • Paco's Tacos
    6212 W Manchester Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    (310) 645-8692
    Price Range: Moderate
    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Paco's Tacos Restaurant Review

Paco's Tacos on West Manchester in Westchester

Paco's Tacos on West Manchester is the second Paco's, the original is in Culver City on Centinela Boulevard. Paco's Tacos is a five-minute drive from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on West Manchester Avenue. It's great place to start or end you trip if you are hungry craving Mexican food. This Paco's Tacos has been here for over 10 years and has an authentic Mexican atmosphere. Paco's Tacos is very popular so it's best to get there early. Though the prices are a bit on the high side, Paco's has fanatic following.

The reception for the hostess is warm and genuine as you come into the restaurant from the rear. As you enter, you can't help noticing the lively rectangular bar which is usually full and boisterous. There is no Happy Hour, but it is a favorite place for locals after work. The atmosphere is lively and upbeat.

As you get your table, you are promptly served complementary chips and salsa. You can order some carrots with onions that are a little spicy which are excellent. Paco's definitely has an authentic Mexican look and fell to it with top-notch service. The tables have glass tabletops over white linen with cloth napkins. The restaurant is decorated as for a fiesta, especially the back room.

A good start is with Paco's Tacos' famous margaritas. The regular margaritas are pretty good; however, the Cadillac and Strawberry margaritas are very popular. If margaritas aren't your thing, then you can try their Tecate and Dos Equis on tap. Customers love the Buffalo Wings appetizers. Some of the favorite menu items are chimichangas, queso fundidos, pollo milanesa and of course the tacos. One of the most popular items is the Paco's Burrito which is a huge chili relleno wet Burrito. The servers are happy to offer suggestions or make substitutions. Regulars rave about the food; however, the food is typical Mexican without special or unique flavoring.

A "must have" is at least one order of the hand-made tortillas. There is huge enclosed circular area in the middle of the restaurant where the "Tortilla Lady" prepares the tortillas on a large grill. Kids love watch as the tortillas prepared through the glass enclosure surrounding the tortilla station. You can choose from corn or flour tortillas, or even request a mix of the two. An insider tip is to place the butter packets inside the hot tortillas to melt it so you can spread the butter on the tortilla effortlessly.

Paco's serves faithful Mexican food for people who are tired of Americanized versions of Mexican food found at typical chain restaurants. This place is kid friendly and the restaurant gives out crayons and stuff to color on. If there is a birthday, the staff will provide the birthday boy or girl with a sombrero and an enthusiastic version of "Happy Birthday." All of these extra touches go a long way to make Paco's Tacos a fun restaurant for almost everyone.

They accept credit cards at Paco's which is worth mentioning since there are a few Mexican restaurants around that are still cash only. Parking is easy at Paco's because there is a parking lot behind the entrance to restaurant. The parking lot fills up but there is also a sizeable lot adjacent to the restaurant.